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Why choose us ?

“Your preferred partner for your clinical trials”

After fifteen years of experience in a CRO as Head of Phase II-IV Clinical Trials, Stéphanie Le Breton, a pharmacist, founded SLB Pharma in 2007.

SLB Pharma was born from a desire to support, within a relationship of trust, any company – whether experienced or not in biomedical research – in the clinical evaluation of its health products.

Today, SLB Pharma can draw upon the skills and experience of its employees and use its expertise to support the pharmaceutical industry, the medical device industry, the food industry and institutional promotors (health care institutions, associations of patients, learned societies, etc.).

Both responsive and flexible, SLB Pharma listens to your expectations in order to meet all your goals, be they scientific, clinical, budgetary or time-restricted. SLB Pharma can manage your research projects in their entirety or in part, from the conception of the research through to the processing of results, providing its methodological and regulatory expertise, medical networks and tailored logistics solutions.

SLB Pharma Recherche Clinique (CRO) RENNES

“ Our desire is to enable each of our clients to find a clinical answer to the question being posed by the product, while guaranteeing them thoroughness, efficiency and transparency in the projects they entrust to us; the satisfaction of our clients is our key priority! ”

Technical and reactive structure.

Perfect mastery of regulatory frameworks.

Strong knowledge of centres and the requirements of sponsors: privileged interface guaranteeing active and customised coordination.

Competent and reliable national medical networks.

Coaching and training for investigators.

SLB Pharma is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, allowing you to benefit from the provisions of the Research Tax Credit.

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SLB PHARMA benefits from the Research Tax Credit agreement.