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We can provide you with access to know-how and medical networks

Building upon Stéphanie Le Breton’s previous experience in the clinical trial of the early phases of pharmaceutical products and more specifically in the fields of the Central Nervous System and Oncology, SLB Pharma works with companies from the pharmaceutical industry in the clinical development of the medicines of tomorrow.

SLB Pharma offers to manage your clinical project on a national or European scale, either in its entirety or in part, from its design to the processing of data, regardless of the classification:

dot Intervention research: phase II-IV studies (tolerance, efficacy),
dot Non-intervention research: observational studies, evaluation of care practices, etc.

SLB PHARMA also offers to leverage its mixed and targeted medical networks in order to strike a balance between reputation and a recruitment momentum for your project.

SLB Pharma Recherche Clinique (CRO) RENNES

Stéphanie Le Breton, PharmD – your privileged partner for pharmaceutical product clinical evaluation projects.

“ One of the keys to well conducted clinical research is adhering to deadlines. This is why selecting investigation centres is such a crucial step. We are particularly careful in the choice and selection of investigation centres so that we can ensure that the timeline for the project remains on course. By making sure the selection is right, we can create a dynamic promoting advancement of the study, which guarantees its success.

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