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Biomedical services

We can provide you with nutrition and health expertise

Combining expertise in nutrition and health and clinical research know-how, SLB Pharma conducts clinical trials on behalf of nationally and internationally renowned food industrialists, manufacturers of health ingredients and food supplement laboratories.

SLB Pharma meets your needs for clinical performance by supporting your project with the aim of:

Squared point furnishing scientific proof of the effectiveness of your product to enhance its market position,
Squared point assessing the health risk of your product: tolerance, allergies, etc.,
Squared point putting together an application file for health claims 13.5 or 14 with the EFSA,
Squared point carrying out post-registration studies for a request for reimbursement for your FSMPs.

SLB Pharma has built up a close collaboration with many medical experts and can put you in contact with various networks of national public and private investigators in different areas such as:

Squared point elderly nutrition
Squared point clinical nutrition
Squared point infant nutrition
Squared point the cardiovascular system and metabolic diseases
Squared point the digestive sphere
Squared point oral health
Squared point vaginal health

SLB Pharma also manages quality of life evaluations / product satisfaction surveys.

Ophélie Flageul, Ing. Nutraceutique – Your preferred contact for your nutraceutical clinical projects.

“ In listening to our clients, what we want to do is to provide any company working in the field of nutrition and health, regardless of their experience in clinical research, with a clinical response that is best suited to their needs. ”

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